Do you aspire to be a professional gamer? Do you want to know how “Elite” gamers reached the level — both professionally and personally — they are at today?

Join host Ric Lindberg as he chats with Elite gamers about their wins and losses. Listen as they share the effort, habits and fears that have gone into levelling up their inner and infinite game.
What does it take to become a world champion? What’s the upkeep in-game for remaining there? How do you train your mindset, health and skills to perform on an Elite level where if you don’t perform daily you’re out?

We’ll discuss the different paths gamers take to earn money. How to grow an active, engaged audience. How to secure an agent, sponsors and other revenue streams. Choosing their preferred platforms and more! Revenue can come from tournaments, streams, merchandise. Or supporting others gamers. Anything based on their computer game insights or skills.

Becoming pro for me means you train. Embrace feedback and new ideas to level up your inner game, money game and current game. Thus you need also to focus on your health game. Your relationships and ways to transform beyond the current game.

The opposite of play is not work, its depression. Embrace the right play for a richer life.
More play will not give you the freedom you want, but the right, focused, effective play just might.

Listen in for different paths to become an Elite Pro Gamer

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