Now is the time to Level up your professional gaming – welcome to Elite Pro Gamer

On this podcast we’ll invite professionals who are living their passion playing the games of their choice, reaping big rewards. You will hear your heroes’ stories on how they came to start to play computer games, and the steps that brought them to the Epic Elite level of success they are today.

From all the successful people I know it often comes down to investing the effort that matters. Not just randomly playing around hoping to be picked up by someone else. Don’t leave it to chance that someone else will level you up. Sure. There exist people who started at internet cafes and where spotted. But that’s the rare case compared to most of the really successful professional gamers here. Instead of relying on external people that might fight you. Listen on tactics that you can embrace today to take responsibility for your own leveling up towards the life, business and status you want.

We will invite your Elite Professional Gamers to talk about different paths to revenue. Challenges with leveling up their inner game, their money game, their current game. Relationships and everything beyond the game that matters to the in-game.
For example. If you haven’t trained your health, you won’t be able to focus on your play when it matters. Staying focused on 3 x 45 minutes in a row, when just a lost minute of those can means you don’t share that million that’s on stake takes a lot of stamina and mindset. Elite in-game skills won’t be enough. Don’t think you’ll be ready for it with when it happens. Instead start by taking a 20 minute walk today. BEFORE you start training today. Make this a daily routine. Studies show that physical exercise grow your brain and helps you focus after training so weave it in your play and you’ll learn faster, develop better. AND when you’ll get into a competition you’ll be healthier and having an easier time to focus and deliver those strategic punches.

It’s easy to think that you’re investing hours so you’ll get rewards eventually but real life does not work that way. Real success most easily comes when we’re doing the right thing, dare to embrace feedback of what’s working and not working in the real life ladder we’re working hard in-game to climb.

Real success most commonly comes from daring to put tension on the right thing, and focusing on doing more of that and letting go unhealthy behaviour.

I repeat: It’s easy to think that 14 hours straight means progress but it usually doesn’t.

It’s a lot harder, a lot scarier, but way more worth it to invest 4 hours into your game play – daring to see your faults, daring to embrace the feedback you get. Daring to do better, instead of defaulting to more.

4 hours of effective play will trump 14 hours most days. Don’t stay in the illusion that someday will be different just by itself. Invest the right effort in leveling up today.

Likewise with mindset. Being a world champion is an ever constant challenge. You have to perform on an elite level every day or you’re lost. You need to have a mindset to embrace effort in the right ways. You will have ups and downs.

On this podcast we’ll listen in on professional gamers stories on how its been to win, but also being a constant second before they started to win. It takes a lot of effort to keep bettering ourselves.

I also hope the stories shared here will help you see that success rarely happens overnight like media usually sell it. Likewise do I hope that you’ll learn from your Elite Pro Gamers that there is danger and dragons out there for your epic loot. To many agreements are really dangerous for you to sign. Sadly, if we are unaware we might feel complimented by their interest, and flattered by their praise only to sign something that handcuff us beyond our wildest imagination.

I’m grateful to heroes like Peter Strömberg out there who helps free people who have signed bad contracts and I hope by listening to the stories by our heroes here you’ll be more aware before signing. Making it easier for you to get the best contract. I also hope this podcast will help you see beyond here and now so your future self will keep thanking you.

We won’t only focus on e-sport here. I hope to inspire you in the infinite ways to revenue. To help you find your path to fuel your passion in a way that helps others so much so they will share their tokens of gratitude with you in multiple ways. Streamers comes to mind.

Also going beyond the current game you’re playing. And the current platforms you’re using.
I hope our discussions with the best of the best will help you build your own business, personal brand and core values so you’ll last beyond your current game. Platforms vanish. There’s always a built-in inflation in all games. Build something that’s also entirely yours, not residing 100% on a platform you don’t fully control.

Its time for you to start working on becoming a pro, just like your heroes.

Its time for you to level up your inner game, money game, health game, current game. Relationships here and now and beyond.
Sure, this will mean effort. And yes, I’m talking about leveling up in real life as well. I personally think this is mandatory to excel on an elite level in the professional in-game arena as well.

Just like you might love playing the lone wolf in your computer game. But if you’re in a professional tournament you’re most likely playing with a team. And if you don’t change you don’t all play the same strategy at the same time, and switch at the same time. You wont win to the team who does.

This require empathy for your team-mates, for their strengths and weaknesses.

This podcast will be 90% Elite Pro Gamers sharing their inner game, stories and paths to success. And 10% me, helping you level up the rest of your life so you’ll be ready when that in-game Epic call comes.

Let your Professional Games commence.


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