Do you aspire to be a professional gamer? Do you want to know how “Elite” gamers reached the level — both professionally and personally — they are at today?

Dreaming, imagination and experimentation is easy.Dreaming about change is easy.
However as the quote goes. “Life rewards the vague wish and rewards the specific ask

My ambition with Elite Pro Gamer is to help you become more aware about specifics that your heros have encountered and figured out on their journey towards the success they are today.

Specifics like

  • What does it take to focus on doing the right things until success comes?
  • How do you know if you’ve defaulted to playing more without a clear intention on what to focus and follow up on?
  • Pitfalls in agreements. The dragons in this game are in real life just as much as in your mind and game.
  • Process and habits that have worked most commonly for others.
  • Physical training is something that comes up over and over with the Elite. You need a healthy body to stay focused
  • Relationships & Friendships. Success can be lonesome. You need friends to journey this path. How are you encouraging the right people? How do you maintain a healthy balance with friends, health while doing the work that matters?
  • Things they’re grateful they learned, and wish they had learned sooner
  • Professional Gaming is a lucrative trade for a few, but it wont happen overnight or automatic.
  • I hope this podcast will give you something to show a parent who repeatedly say “if it wasnt for their bad knee would totally have been the best ever in NHL and thats where you should focus your training, so you’ll bring in the money to the family”

We are all unique. My wish here is for you to feel OK in your unique dream. My wish for you is to realize actions to take that is actually taking you there while embracing courage to stay focused on those, and letting go of what hinders you. And embrace more of what’s helping you.

MORE computer game play hours itself will most likely not take you to your dream. Daring to show up and do the work that matters does. Daring to be open for feedback. Daring to see holistically on yourself. Your skills, your relationships, your health (both physical and mental)
Dare to just sit for a few hours and then reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Take a walk. Hang with some friends. Do something different and only when you know your intentions go another round of training.

Embrace more of yourself. Learn from the best of the best in what’s worked for them while they were leveling up. Learn what they wished they knew when they were grinding the game, now that they’re a success beyond their wildest imagination so you too, can weave those habits into your habits.
Habits is what I believe is the best way to level up.  Are you committed to level up your game?

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